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Sanforization Process

The Sanfor treatment has as its objective the controlled compressive shrinkage of the tissues of cotton and mixed with other natural or artificial cellulosic vegetable fibers, to obtain dimensional stability
in both directions (warp and weft), to an extent suitable to guarantee it in packaged garments which they will undergo repeated washing.
For other compositions there is no permanent shrinkage but only a hand effect.

Processing technology
The fabric passes:
by a small ramosa, which adjusts the height of the fabric in the sense of texture;
by a steam humidifier and a heated drum, which uniformly humidify the fabric;
through an appliance formed by a very thick special rubber mat (see figure
A, point 2) which slides carried by three tensioning cylinders (fig. A, 3), controlled by their respective
voltage regulators (fig. A, points 4 and 5).
The moistened fabric passes between the carpet and the heated cylinder (fig. A, 1), with a contact arc
which is higher than 180 °.
The desired return is proportional to the pressure of the belt and the speed between the belt
rubber and the heated cylinder.
used sanfor machine

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