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Preparation raw fabrics:

The pieces coming from the crude oil control phase,
they usually appear folded one by one on special pallets or already in roll.

The pieces of fabrics must be divided by articles according to the processes they will have to undergo,
then sew head-tail, to undergo the same treatments
and again folded on pallets or wrapped in large rolls.
By head is meant the head of the piece where the brand with the characteristics of the article is present;
the tail is the opposite side, in the sense of the length of the piece.
The lightest and most delicate fabrics,
that can not stand the folds resulting from the folding
or who need to work extensively immediately,
they must be rolled up in large beams made up of many pieces sewn head-tail.

Tecnology of work
The pieces, coming from the customer folded or rolled,
must be deposited in the appropriate container (see figure A, point 1),
from which the fabric (fig. A, 2) passes
above a group of two pulling cylinders (fig. A, 3), which guarantees regular tension to the fabric
and eliminates any creases, especially on light and delicate fabrics,
in a storage tank (fig. A, 4),
between a brake (fig. A, 5) which regulates its tension,
in a motorized expander (fig. A, 6),
on a fabric guide (fig. A, 7).
The fabric then comes accompanied by some return rollers under a pulling cylinder (fig. A, 8) e
if necessary, on a brush (fig. A, 9).
At the end of its path, the fabric must be rolled in large rolls or folded (fig. A, 10).
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