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The brushing has the purpose of cleaning the fabric from surface impurities, lifting the hair and
uniform the direction of the hair, previously obtained in raising.
The operation can be carried out at various times of the finishing: before topping, before decatizing,
before calendering. Sometimes the brushing precedes the steaming.

Processing technology
The machine, which can be equipped with a steaming appliance (see figure A, point 1),
it consists of one or two brushing cylinders garnished with horsehair (fig. A, 2).
The fabric passes:
between two tension bars (fig. A, 3)
above any steaming tray, which evenly spreads low pressure steam
on the fabric.
The piece is brushed both on the right and on the reverse with different paths depending on the
Type of machine.
In an always well-extended position, it is folded on a special pallet or rolled up or, again,
started continuously to the next processing.
Suction devices (fig. A, 4) prevent the spreading of the hair released by the process.
used brushing machine

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